Weiler wheel feller bunchers are the most innovative in the market and deliver more productivity and greater fuel efficiency.  Patented technologies including the PowerDirect Plus System and Transverse Mounted Engine combined with advanced multifunctioning hydraulics allow the machine to cut and carry more wood than ever.  Saws fully integrated from the factory ensure total machine support.


The patented PowerDirect Plus system optimizes performance by focusing power where the operator demands.  The hydraulic pumps are oversized providing greater overall capacity and improved travel power and saw recovery.


The patented transverse mounted engine design and low center of gravity provide rock solid stability.  Superior stability delivers market leading cut and carry capability to build larger, easy to reach bundles improving skidder efficiency.


The balance of a short wheelbase, power, stability and agility provides superior application versatility allowing seamless transitions from 1st thinnings to final fell applications.  Versatility maximizes long term value as markets fluctuate.


A quiet and spacious cab with a powerful HVAC system and rear view camera keep operators comfortable and productive.  The premium seat with more leg room near the joystick mounts and overall machine balance provide a superior ride.


Pressurized engine, hydraulic and after treatment compartments keep debris out of the machine reducing down time for clean out.  Ground level fuel fill, electric hydraulic oil fill pump and superior engine access deliver excellent serviceability.


The field proven cooling system keeps the engine and hydraulics cool, extending component life.  Robust frames with integrated steering cylinder mounts and field proven hitch for nearly 20 years are built for the harshest applications.

Engine Model Cat® 7.1 Tier 4 Final
Gross Power 203 hp (151 kW)
Engine Speed 1880 rpm
Weight 39,120 lb (17 744 kg)
Wheelbase 110.0” (2794 mm)
Fuel Capacity 81.6 gal (309 L)
DEF Capacity 5.0 gal (19 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity 64.2 gal (243 L)
Ground Clearance 19.4” (493 mm)
Transport Width 9’ 7” (2.92 m)
Transport Height 10’ 5” (3.17 m)
Transport Length 24’ 9” (7.55 m)
Base configuration includes 28L-26 16PR Tires and 232 High Capacity Bunching Saw. Weight add 1,720 lb (790 kg) for 30.5L-32 tires, 2,560 lb (1161 kg) for 30.5L-32 2X Ring tires, 1,720 lb (780 kg) for 67-34 tires. Height and ground clearance add 4.0” (10.2 cm) for 30.5L-32 tires, 1.1” (2.8 cm) for 67-34 tires.
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